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New mind

First name. Deanna

Age. 16 years old.

City, State. The most sinful city on the map, Las Vegas in the wasteland Nevada.

Favorite book. I would have to say Swan Song by Robert McCammon. If you have ever read The Stand by Stephen King, it's somewhat like that, but personally I like Swan Song better.

Favorite author. Neil Gaiman. He Originally wrote graphic novels.

Hobbies, interests. Along with the obvious reading, I also like to write my own short stories, I have the crazy dream of becoming a novelist some day. I would like to write, but I would also like to be a Child Psychologist.

If you are in college, what is your major? I am not in college yet, but I hope to major in English Literature, and Psychology.

Further suggestions, input, comments about/for eljaybookclub. I'm just glad their is a community like this. =)

Do you mind if people from this community add you? (Note: this is another great way for people to get to know each other & enhance their friends pages, but it is, again, entirely optional.) The more the merrier, I always love reading about people's lives (makes for great inspiration ^_^)
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