Viola (______candycoma) wrote in eljaybookclub,

First name. Miranda
Age. 16
City, State. im living in Austria
Favorite book. 
Lolita; Melodien (a german book, not yet translated), the perfume, the bell jar, wasted, jonathan strange & mr norrel, venus as a boy, the virgin suicides, memoirs of a geisha, ilium,...& many more
Favorite author. vladimir nabokov, sylvia plath, helmut krausser
Hobbies, interests. reading (of course), school (yes, i am weird, but i love school), learning new things, being with my friends (whatever we do), sitting in cafés and observing people, travelling, arts in common, writing, drawing and everything artsy, cooking, watching TV (one of my fav series being gilmore girls), badminton, photography, ...
If you are in college, what is your major? i'm not attending college yet but id like to study: astrophysics, quantum physics, maths, philosophy, psychology, law and maybe litearture
Further suggestions, imput, comments about/for </a></font></strong></a>eljaybookclub. please change the font size, its literally insulting my eyes.
Do you mind if people from this community add you? (Note: this is another great way for people to get to know each other & enhance their friends pages, but it is, again, entirely optional. not at all! ADD ME.

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