Kate-Anna & her boyfriends (teacupbandits) wrote in eljaybookclub,
Kate-Anna & her boyfriends

First name. kate-anna
Age. 18
City, State. perth, western australia
Favorite book. "the unbearable lightness of being" by milan kundera, "white noise" by don delillo, "extremely loud & incredibly close" by jonothan safran foer
Favorite author. don delillo, virginia woolf
Did your high school have a required reading list? If so, what are some of the titles that were required? yes, "drylands" by thea astley, "cloudstreet" by tim winton, "a fringe of leaves" by patrick white, "the chosen" by chaim potok. (all very good books.)
Hobbies, interests. writing, instant photography, the history of country music, wine-guzzling, my best friends, my cat.
If you are in college, what is your major? fine art
Further suggestions, imput, comments about/for eljaybookclub. well, not sure yet, hey! maybe have people from different countries recommend books by authors of the same nationality?
Do you mind if people from this community add you? yeah, sure, as long as we do not become those types of lj friends who don't talk to each other & barely read posts, but are still on each others lists because we are both too polite to delete each other.

hello, books are pretty much why i exist, but i am no good at grammar & capital letters. it's all subjective.
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